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Skilled Guardianship Attorney

In unfortunate times, when you need to care for the needs of a child (up to age 18), Guardianship is essential. It allows the Petitioner to enroll the child in school, approve medical treatment and procedures, and sign documents for the benefit of the child. The time when you could take a child somewhere and sign for that child has passed. Now, you must show a legal relationship when a parent/child relationship does not exist. It is not that securing Guardianship is difficult. It does involve a lot of rules and paperwork. You want to make sure you get everything right so that you and the child may move on together.

You need an advocate who will make sure your voice is heard.

Why You Should Call The Law Office Of Vonnah M. Bagner

Accidents happen every day. What do you do when you are injured due to the negligent, or careless, acts of another person? What if you are the one being sued? How does a case progress from beginning to end? Most people do not know the process. Anyone can get forms online or from a building. But, you don’t get the knowledge of how to complete the forms, and how to use each form to your advantage.

Assistance Navigating The Compensation Process

We can help you navigate the legal process, from filing a claim to a court verdict, or even a settlement in between. You need someone to fight for you, to make sure you are compensated for your monetary losses and your physical injuries. Don’t rely on an insurance company to work for you, or to have your interests at heart. You may miss work, have substantial medical bills, or no longer be able to do the activities you love to do.

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