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3 Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce

A marriage ending in divorce is never an easy process for everybody involved. While it can be messy or acrimonious if custody or child support issues are involved, if both parties are able to remain civil and agree on things, there are several benefits to an uncontested divorce under the right circumstances. Let’s examine three of them.


According to a recent survey conducted by Bankrate, the average cost of a divorce in the United States is approximately $15,000 per person. While prices for uncontested divorces can differ between states, even if you have attorneys involved to assist you with paperwork, at the end of the day, fees for an uncontested divorce can be less than $2,000 in some cases and probably much less than that if both parties are able to conduct everything on their own.


Another benefit of an uncontested divorce is that it gives both parties the opportunity to end their marriage quietly and with little attention. While it’s a benefit to some couples, it can be difficult for those who are unable to communicate without fighting or if conversations end up in a screaming match.


An uncontested divorce that stays that way is not only the least expensive way of getting divorced, but it also means both parties are more likely to keep more of their own assets in each of their pockets. Should it have gone to full divorce proceedings, then not only do lawyers have their hands in your pockets, but process servers, accountants, and others required for proceedings end up getting a “slice of the pie” – in this case, your hard-earned money and assets, so it’s to the benefit of both parties to keep things under control for the uncontested divorce to go through properly.

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